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Thanks Alex for the note on Lixia's point 2 below; I was referring more to
point 1. I wanted to know specifically not if anyone is using the
application-level Nack but the network-level one that is exposed in the
APIs. I will take the absence of comments to mean that this is yet to be




Andrew Brown

IoTG Strategy and Integrated Products


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Is anyone using the different NACK codes to alter the flow of their


there could be different ways to interpret the question:


1/ how applications use different NACK codes to alter the "data flow"

e.g. Ilya (copied him here) used application NACK to tell consumers to wait
for a specific time period when data is not ready


2/ how network layer (NFD) use different NACKs to alter the paths of dat

(as Alex mentioned)

I am looking at
457b9b#diff-e12e36065baf92aa80b384cbfb3eef02R35 and was interested in
finding out the different actions others are taking: obviously log in all
cases, wait and re-send for congestion, fail and throw for no route, ___ for




Andrew Brown

IoTG Strategy and Integrated Products


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