[ndnSIM] [EXT] Error: Asser failed.cond="next.key.m_ts >= m_currentTs

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Hi Sangita

My guess is that the scenario somehow scheduled an event in the past.

Yours, Junxiao

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> Dear members,
> I am developing a vehicular network by incorporating a large sumo trace
> file in ndnsim using the traci client.
> My simulation is halted with the message:
> assert failed. cond="next.key.m_ts >= m_currentTs",
> file=../src/core/model/default-simulator-impl.cc, line=143
> By analyzing the code of simulator-impl.cc, I understand that *m_events* is
> an *event priority queue of scheduler* where all the events are inserted
> as per the time of execution. When the recently popped even's time is
> lesser than the last popped event then the above mentioned  assert happened.
> If *m_events *it is a priority queue it should place each of the event as
> per its time (checking should be done at the time of insertion).
> Therefore,   no question should arise of failure of this condition:
> next.key.m_ts >= m_currentTs"
> Can anyone help to understand in which situation this can take place?
> Thanks in advance.
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