[ndnSIM] Error: Asser failed.cond="next.key.m_ts >= m_currentTs

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Tue Sep 21 03:01:22 PDT 2021

Dear members,
I am developing a vehicular network by incorporating a large sumo trace
file in ndnsim using the traci client.

My simulation is halted with the message:
assert failed. cond="next.key.m_ts >= m_currentTs",
file=../src/core/model/default-simulator-impl.cc, line=143

By analyzing the code of simulator-impl.cc, I understand that *m_events* is
an *event priority queue of scheduler* where all the events are inserted as
per the time of execution. When the recently popped even's time is lesser
than the last popped event then the above mentioned  assert happened.

If *m_events *it is a priority queue it should place each of the event as
per its time (checking should be done at the time of insertion).
Therefore,   no question should arise of failure of this condition:
next.key.m_ts >= m_currentTs"

Can anyone help to understand in which situation this can take place?
Thanks in advance.

Sangita Dhara
Post Doctoral Fellow
Trinity College Dublin
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