[ndnSIM] Error with small RTT of interest packet

sangita...... sangita.engg at gmail.com
Tue Sep 14 07:45:53 PDT 2021

Dear members,
I am developing a vehicular network by incorporating sumo in ndnsim using
the traci client.
In my simulation the consumer generates interest in some zipf-mandelbroute
fashion. Whenever I am keeping rtt time of each interest smaller than the
total simulation time, somewhere my simulation halts with the below message:
Error: tcpip::Socket::recvAndCheck @ recv: peer shutdown
Quitting (on error).

However, it runs fine when I keep the rtt of each interest bigger than the
total simulation time.

Can anyone give me any clue on what can be the problem?
Sangita Dhara
Post Doctoral Fellow
Trinity College Dublin
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