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2: Yes, You can get the signal strength of every packet received. You can
add snr tag to the packet in wifi-phy.cc.

in Wifi-phy.cc add below in the EndReceive method to add snr packet tag for
signal strength.

SnrTag tag;
if (!packet->PeekPacketTag(tag)){

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> Everyone,
>   I have two questions.
>   1.in "ndn-simple", node0 is consumer. node2 is producer. node1 can only
> forward interest packets from node0 and data packets from node2. Can node1
> actively send custom data packets to node0 and node2 while processing
> interest packets and data packets normally?
>   2.I know that ndnSIM uses broadcast in the mobile module. Whether it is
> possible to measure the signal strength when the mobile node receives the
> broadcast information
> Thanks.
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