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Hafsteinn Hjartarson hafsteinn.hjartarson at gmail.com
Thu Nov 12 04:06:22 PST 2020

Hi Everyone,

When using the custom applications provided with the examples (
https://ndnsim.net/2.4/applications.html#customer-example), both CustomApp
and Hijacker are installed on the same node (why does that even work?).

Is it not possible to create a topology like:

"CustomApp" <---> "ndn_router_1" <---> "Hijacker"

I have tried using the "Simple Scenario" from
https://ndnsim.net/current/examples.html to create three nodes with p2p
links between them and then installing "CustomApp" on node_0 and "Hijacker"
on node_2 but they cannot communicate.

Can anyone help me with this?

Best regards,
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