[ndnSIM] Dynamic Link Formation

stephen.m.dudley at L3Harris.com stephen.m.dudley at L3Harris.com
Tue Nov 19 06:45:29 PST 2019

I have a need to explore the impact of topology churn in a network that could have several hundred nodes.  The guidance from the web site suggests that I have to establish all my data links before I run the simulation, and then set the error rate to 100% when I want the link to not be present.  Although I can partition my problem somewhat so I don't have to create 200X200 links, I am hoping to find if there are other solutions.  I have two questions and I am hoping someone knows the answers.

1)      Where would I go looking for the source of this limitation; is this an NS3 limitation, or does it come from the ndn-CXX library?

2)      Has anyone discovered other ways of managing the presence or absence of data links other than managing their error rates? (e.g. could I partition my problem by concatenating simulation runs in my 'main' program, or is there no way of setting initial conditions to make this viable?)

Stephen Dudley


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