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Rajvardhan Deshmukh rdeshmukh at umass.edu
Tue Feb 13 12:14:56 PST 2018

Hi Iel,
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> Subject: [ndnSIM] Dynamically changing prefixes
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> Good day! Is it possible for me to set the prefixes of the consumer and
> producer  (through the App Helpers) as something that always changes?
> Like for example, I wanted to set the prefix as the node's current 
> location
> in the simulation. Where can I start to make changes?
> P.S. sorry, I am new to ndnSIM (and to ns3, really) and this is for our
> group's thesis. Thank you!

void handler ( NodeContainer &nodes,AppHelper &consumerHelper)
   string s_geoName;
   for(int i=1;i<(int)nodes.GetN();i++)
     Ptr<ConstantVelocityMobilityModel> mob = 
     Vector v_value=mob->GetPosition();
     consumerHelper.SetPrefix (s_geoName);
     consumerHelper.Install (nodes.Get (i));


You can use th ns3 Scheduler to call a function that updates prefix 
every i_t (time units)
for(int i_t=0;i_t<STOP_TIME;i_t++)
      Simulator::Schedule(Seconds(i_t), &handler,nodes,consumerHelper);

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