[ndnSIM] How can i get and change CS lifetime

Sonia Sabir (MS Student) soniasabir at ciit.net.pk
Tue Apr 3 05:48:55 PDT 2018

The freshness attribute of Producer app is used for this purpose. Please see 
all the attributes here 

It can be used as 
ndn::AppHelper producerHelper("ns3::ndn::Producer");
producerHelper.SetAttribute("Freshness", TimeValue(Seconds(5))); 

It sets the life time of each data packet to 5 seconds.

Also if you want to use it in your own custom app, please see line 83 in the 
example:examples/ndn-custom-apps/custom-app.cpp in this link 
auto data = std::make_shared<ndn::Data>(interest->getName());
Hope it will help you. Thanks

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Subject: [ndnSIM] How can i get and change CS lifetime

Hi all,
Really happy to join the ndnSIM mailing list.
It's my honour to discuss some problems with you.
Hope everyone have fun with ndnSIM.
I have some problems in my reserch about NDNsim.
In ordinary circumstances,every data packet will be cached in CS .And each 
of them has a lifetime.
how can i get or set lifetime of each data packet in CS?
i can't find any 
Best regards,
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