[ndnSIM] Interest Satisfaction Rate (ISR) Calculation

Junxiao Shi shijunxiao at email.arizona.edu
Tue Apr 3 07:59:06 PDT 2018

Dear folks

I have a related question: what does "Interest satisfaction rate" for a
nexthop means on a forwarder?

Consider the scenario where a forwarder G has one downstream node C, and
two upstream nodes (aka nexthops) P and Q:


G is using multicast strategy.
When it receives an Interest from C and forwards it to both P and Q, P
responds immediately and the Data goes back to C.
As in a recent NFD commit
(which will appear in ndnSIM sooner or later), there isn't a "straggler
timer" anymore so the PIT entry is removed immediately.
Q responds several milliseconds later, at which time the PIT entry at G is
already gone and G drops the Data.

Should G count a "Interest satisfaction" on nexthop Q, or count a "Interest
timeout" on nexthop Q, or neither?
Note that I'm not asking how ndnSIM's tracer currently behaves, but I'm
asking how it should be designed, and what's the best design of this
measurement if a strategy is to use it for forwarding decisions.

Yours, Junxiao

On Thu, Mar 29, 2018 at 1:43 AM, sobia Mirza <sobia.mirza88 at yahoo.com>

> Hi
> From rate-trace.txt I need to calulate total number of satisfied interests
> and total interests. How can i do that?
> There are InInterests, OutInterests,InSatisfiedInterests,
> InTimedOutInterests, OutSatisfiedInterests etc.
> From following which one is actually indicate "number of  satisfied
> interests" and how "total number of interests" can be calulated???
>    - InInterests measurements of incoming Interests
>    - OutInterests measurements of outgoing Interests
>    - InData measurements of incoming Data
>    - OutData measurements of outgoing Data
>    - InNacks measurements of outgoing NACKs
>    - OutNacks measurements of outgoing NACKs
>    - SatisfiedInterests measurements of satisfied Interests (totals for
>    all faces)
>    - TimedOutInterests measurements of timed out Interests (totals for
>    all faces)
>    - InSatisfiedInterests measurements of incoming satisfied Interests
>    (per incoming face)
>    - InTimedOutInterests measurements of incoming timed out Interests
>    (per incoming face)
>    - OutSatisfiedInterests measurements of outgoing satisfied Interests
>    (per outgoing face)
>    - OutTimedOutInterests measurements of outgoing satisfied Interests
>    (per outgoing face)
>    - as mentioned on page
>    http://ndnsim.net/current/metric.html
> regards
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