[ndnSIM] Forwarder's onIncomingInterest

Muhammad Hosain Abdollahi Sabet mhasabet at gmail.com
Tue Jun 13 02:04:31 PDT 2017

Not only all Interests *arrive to* a node, but also local Interests will go
to startProcessInterest. You see all of management protocol in NFD relies
on sending and processing local Interests.

2- Using NFD logs(e.g. Forwarder logs) can help you find out the *when*
startProccessInterest is called(Note NFD_LOG_DEBUG in the method). At least
that's the way I do it and it works for what I need.


خندان باشید
با تشکر

On Tue, Jun 13, 2017 at 12:59 PM, John Baugh <jpbaugh at umich.edu> wrote:

> Greetings all,
> I resolved many other issues, and now I'm come to a bit of a concern
> regarding the forwarder class.
> I have been recompiling the Forwarder class, with some modifications to
> onIncomingInterest (actually, it just calls another method I wrote, and
> that method calls the method of a shared object called
> PopMan->recordInterestStats(inFace, interest))
> So here's what I originally understood:
>    - If an interest arrives at a *node*, the Forwarder's
>    onIncomingInterest (I think indirectly through startProcessInterest, at
>    least) is called automatically *every *time any interest arrives
> The behavior I'm observing is:
>    - If an interest is about to be *forwarded*, then Forwarder's
>    onIncomingInterest is called
> Now, I realize the name "Forwarder" might have been a clue...  but I was
> under the impression that this class sensed *all incoming interests to
> the node*, not just ones that are to be forwarded.
> 1.  Please confirm the behavior of this method
> 2.  If I'm right, *is there any way *to detect when an interest arrives
> at a node (not when the interest is to be forwarded, or cached, etc. - but
> EVERY TIME an interest arrives at a particular node.
> I had previously spent several weeks before working with the Strategy
> class, thinking afterReceiveInterest was called every time an interest was
> received at a node...  it turned out I was wrong.
> I was told (I think?) that I needed to override Forwarder's methods
> instead.  So I did.
> I've learned a lot, don't get me wrong.  I just am not getting the
> behavior I expect, and I'm starting to become extremely concerned that I've
> gone down the wrong path... again.
> Thoughts?
> Thanks,
> John
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