[ndnSIM] Policy question (cleanup index, beforeEvict signal, etc.)

Junxiao Shi shijunxiao at email.arizona.edu
Sat Jun 3 16:20:10 PDT 2017

Hi John

>    1. *What exactly is meant by "cleanup index"? *
>       - Does this mean a data structure so as to track what items are in
>       the content store so that a cache replacement algorithm can be properly
>       applied to the correct items?
> Cleanup index refers to any indexing data structured used by a cs::Policy
to determine which CS entry should be evicted.
For example, cs::PriorityFifoPolicy::m_queues
is the cleanup index for that policy.

>    1. *By the beforeEvict signal being emitted from the iterator, does
>    this actually cause the CS do remove the specified data item with the given
>    iterator?*
> * - this->emitSignal
> <https://ndnsim.net/2.1/doxygen/signal-emit_8hpp.html#a33665abef4d805a760517424509a19c3>(beforeEvict
> <https://ndnsim.net/2.1/doxygen/classnfd_1_1cs_1_1Policy.html#a442af19fefa3fbe0267471117149c998>,
> i); *
Yes. See this lambda

Yours, Junxiao
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