[ndnSIM] Substitute of Class Limits in ndnSIM 2.0

Yoshimichi Nakatsuka nakatsuka at west.sd.keio.ac.jp
Wed Nov 16 01:40:24 PST 2016

Dear ndnSIM mailing list members,

Hello, I am Yoshimichi from Keio University, Japan.

Are there any substitutes of the class "Limits", which existed in ndnSIM 
1.0, in ndnSIM 2.1?
I've searched through the API Documentation, but it seems that the class 
"Limits" is missing from ndnSIM 2.1.

Any suggestions would be more than welcome, and thank you in advance.

Best regards,
Yoshimichi NAKATSUKA

Senior student at Nishi Laboratory,
Department of System Design & Engineering, Faculty of Science & Technology,
Keio University
NAKATSUKA, Yoshimichi
Email: nakatsuka at west.sd.keio.ac.jp
Email: y.nakatsuka443 at gmail.com
mobile: +81-80-1306-3835

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