[ndnSIM] Cache hits: identifying the originator

Thiago Teixeira tteixeira at engin.umass.edu
Tue Mar 8 12:51:39 PST 2016

Dear ndnSIM list members,

I am working in a wireless scenario with N consumers and M producers, connected via intermediate nodes (see example below)

Consumer 1
      O  --  O --  O  --  O ... O  --  O
  / Rtr-1                           Rtr-n   Producer 1
Consumer 2

Consumer 1 and 2 issue Interest requests via ConsumerCbr application (same namespace, e.g. /prefix/ ). As the number of routers increase, the link has more collisions and the Interest/Data packets get lost, generating more retransmissions and cache hits.

Is there a way to know which node originated the cache hit? Also, is there a way to know if a cache hit was originated by a retransmission or by a first-time Interest request?

I looked at "Finding Id of interest sending node<http://www.lists.cs.ucla.edu/pipermail/ndnsim/2016-March/002455.html>" but that solution seems to not fit in this scenario.

Thanks for your help,

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