[ndnSIM] GlobalRoutingHelper documentation

Silvia Lins silvialins at ufpa.br
Thu Jan 28 10:21:46 PST 2016

Hi, I found in 

some documentation related to the GlobalRoutingHelper function, and it 
mentions below a link where I can find more details about its 
implementation ("boost.org" below):

void ns3::ndn::GlobalRoutingHelper::CalculateAllPossibleRoutes 	( 	


Calculate all possible next-hop independent alternative routes.

Refer to the implementation for more details.

Note that this method is highly experimental and should be used with 
caution (very time consuming).

Implementation of route calculation is heavily based on Boost Graph 
Library See 
for more details

Definition at line 283 
of file ndn-global-routing-helper.cpp 

References ns3::ndn::FibHelper::AddRoute() 
and ns3::ndn::L3Protocol::getForwarder() 


My question is: is there any other/more specific documentation for such 
function or any other function in ndnSIM capable of simulating mutipath 
in ICN?

Thanks in advance,

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