[ndnSIM] add interest name in app-delays-tracer

zhangran at bupt.edu.cn zhangran at bupt.edu.cn
Thu Dec 15 05:21:03 PST 2016

Hello everyone and Junxiao,

    I am using add-delays-tracer monitoring the interest sent out of the app and trace its hops and delays, now app-delay-trace offers only time and node information and so on as output, but I want to add another field "Interest name" of the corresponding request entry, I have studied the code of app-delays-trace.cpp and hpp and found only output function there, but I can't find where to add the field of the monitoring data, so I am sincerely asking you for your kindful help! I would appreciate it if anyone could generously help me out~


Zhang Ran
Key State Laboratory of Network and Swithing
Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications
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