[ndnSIM] LLC Snap header (NDN-LTE)

Gustavo Gonzalez gonzalezcga at gmail.com
Fri Jul 17 03:52:14 PDT 2015


In the recent days I have been trying to perform some simulations merging
NDN and LTE. During the simulation when I forward ndn packet from the
remoteHost (internet) to another wired node composing the LTE topology (i.e
enbNode) then the NDN packet is forwarded without any problem. Normal point
to point encapsulation for wired links is used.

But when I try to send NDN packet from the remoteHost to a ueNode then it
is not forwarded. I have been digging a bit on this and I have realized (I
think) that probably the problem could be in the ethernet definition of the
UE (/lte/model/lte-ue-netdevice.cc) because the ethernet encapsulation LLC
Snap is not established in the model, unlike to the followings:

and ns3::WaveNetDevice::SendX()
(see doxygen

So my question is:

1. Do you think is possible to implement this encapsulation for UE in LTE
models in order to make it compatible with another sort of packet, in this
case NDN packets? . If it does, could you provide me some hints in order to
try to do it?

Thank you very much for the support you could provide me.

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