[ndnSIM] how to check into the cache of neighbor nodes

Biozid Bostami biozid at outlook.com
Tue Jul 14 08:52:17 PDT 2015

Hello everyone,I am building a cache policy and in my simple scenario is there are 5 nodes  connected by  point2point channel . for example : 
A---B---C ---D---E. 

Now," A "is the consumer and "E"  is the producer. I have set content store of different size in "B,C,D" nodes. I have all the neighbors  of the nodes  say  for node "B" which satisfies the requests of node "A". Now, i need to check weather the interest form "A" is already cached in node "C" or not. I need this checking done in the "custome-policy.hpp". how can i do this checking ??? 

can anyone help ???? 

yours faithfully,Biozid Bostami       		 	   		  
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