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hello everyone,I am doing undergrad thesis on Information Centric Networking (ICN) .  I have been studying the ndnSim for quite a while and i can't figured out few topics . I am listing them below. I know some of these question may be very stupid  to asked but i have given a lot of time but still couldn't find the answers by myself. Please someone help me out.
Questions about ndnSim are:
1. why don't intermediate nodes (one's that isn't directly connected to the consumer node) don't call "" lookup(typename parent_trie::iterator item)"" function written in the  X-policy.hpp(fifo,Lru,lfu etc). ???  
2. There is a virtual function definition like ""virtual shared_ptr<Data>Lookup(shared_ptr<const Interest> interest) = 0;""  why it is needed ??? 
3.From which point of simulator the "lookup()" is called  ??? means i didn't find the  function calling.
4. If  i want to check weather an arrived data is already cached in it's neighboring nodes or not before insertion  how can i do that  ???
Thanks in advance 
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