[ndnSIM] [ndnSim] About to parse the NDN packet in pcap file

張智彥 r01942061 at ntu.edu.tw
Thu Sep 4 03:00:56 PDT 2014

Hello everyone,

I want to parse NDN packets in the pcap file generated from ndnSim.
By checking the previous mailing list, Alex pointed out that there might have 3 ways to do it.
1/ update wireshark plugin so that it can process PPP protocol 0x0077 as NDN packets
2/ use ndndump to parse
3/ use UDP tunnels in ndnSim

My question is
1/ If I choose the first way, how can I update the wireshark plugin? Can anyone tell me the steps about how to do that or just simply where I can find the information?

2/ I tried ndndump with both new and old versions to read the pcap file.
The output only gave "ndndump: reading from xxx.pcap" but nothing else about the capture.
However, it does work when I use tcpdump to parse though it treats packet as unknown PPP protocol.
Do I use ndndump in a wrong way? or miss some configurations?

Thanks for the help.
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