[ndnSIM] Question about how to set value to a customized parameter of Interest

Xiaogeng Xu xuxiaogeng at gmail.com
Wed May 28 03:52:11 PDT 2014



We started to learn ndnSIM in this April. It is a very useful tool for us to
study in ndn architecture. Thanks for all your efforts to this environment!


We met a problem of setting value to a customized parameter of Interest. The
original value was set to be 1 as a constant at the consumer side by setting
its value in ndn-consumer.cc, and the value became to 0 when the Interest
was received after one-hop transmission. The detail steps of what we did was
attached to this email.


We wondered that the value that we set was not written to Interest? Or maybe
it was re-written before transmission. Which function actually sets the
value to a parameter of Interest? How to keep a parameter fixed during


For any unclear description in the question form or additional information,
please let me know.


Thanks a lot for your help.





Xiaogeng Xu


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