[Ndn-interest] [EXT]question on request and response

Junxiao Shi shijunxiao at email.arizona.edu
Tue Jan 26 06:16:26 PST 2021

Hi Marwa

> 1-
> Content is now served from cache.
> is the contents served from the cache even though it is only 2 pcs
> connected and there are no intermediate nodes between them?

Yes, as you have NFD running on the end hosts, they have caching.

> 2-
>  I've found this code and I hope you can help me out SDCCN, here the
> researcher use the pof switch, he identify the ccn protocol and add a
> matching entry to match if the packet is interest packet or data packet
> in this line
> https://github.com/sergiocharpineljr/SDCCN-Controller/blob/master/POFController/src/main/java/br/ufes/inf/sergio/POFCCNxListener.java#L161
> he put the value "01d2" to identify the interest packet and the value
> "0482" to identify the data packet, I searched a lot to try to figure out
> what are these values came from but I failed, so is these values related in
> some way to the ccn/ndn?  He also uses the ccnping to make the requests.

Please open an issue on the GitHub repository to ask the author.

Yours, Junxiao

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