[Ndn-interest] question on request and response

marwa kareem m.kareem1305 at coeng.uobaghdad.edu.iq
Tue Jan 26 06:07:03 PST 2021

Hi Junxiao
thanks for your answer
Content is now served from cache.
is the contents served from the cache even though it is only 2 pcs
connected and there are no intermediate nodes between them?
 I've found this code and I hope you can help me out SDCCN, here the
researcher use the pof switch, he identify the ccn protocol and add a
matching entry to match if the packet is interest packet or data packet
in this line

he put the value "01d2" to identify the interest packet and the value
"0482" to identify the data packet, I searched a lot to try to figure out
what are these values came from but I failed, so is these values related in
some way to the ccn/ndn?  He also uses the ccnping to make the requests.
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