[Ndn-interest] fractalide NDN browser (hackathon proposal)

duke crawford duke at th.ai
Fri Oct 12 12:37:41 PDT 2018

youtu.be/-VdUEApUeIo unify slack namespace

NDN in browser? eg via chrome extension?
or custom browwer like beakerbrowser.com
beaker handles DATproject.org signed data

Billions of people use browsers, maybe
browser to make non-techies experience NDN?

possible hackathon? I could help via graphics,
while reaching out to anyone interested, eg

github.com/fractalide/fractal_net_ndn (stale)
AGPL license
th.ai/fractalide has some talking GIF

Stewart Mackenzie and team are making
NDN browers/dev environment maybe for
ADA/cardano eth classic platform?

> We're actually building a browser for this kind of Named Data Networking.
> And you secure the data directly. Not the pipes!
> A connected system, where you've got the data flow of this environment which then talks Named Data Networking.
> Instead of using today's browser technology of using point to point communication systems, our browser operates over a broadcast networking protocol.
> What does this unlock? Bitcoin allows you to have a bank in your back pocket. This technology allows you to have a Google or a Facebook in your back pocket.
> We're starting up a cryptocurrency shortly. We're doing an ICO within the next 2 weeks.
> This browser is also a development environment for the actual application that you're developing.

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