[Ndn-interest] fractalide NDN browser (hackathon proposal)

stewart mackenzie setori88 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 12 13:04:16 PDT 2018

Hi all,

We welcome contributors to github.com/fractalide, we spread copyright
around so you own your code under the Mozilla Public License v2 (good for
hackers and businesses). We use Rust, Racket and Nix.

I flew over from Hong Kong to attend the 2017 NIST NDN workshop where I met
some of the upstanding NDN community and was fortunate to take Van Jacobson
to lunch (personal hero:). I promised myself I'd come again once we have
something to demonstrate.

In the mean time there's a lot of ground we need to cover to get a browser
to work on NDN.

Happy to answer questions, if there are any.


On Sat, 13 Oct 2018, 03:38 duke crawford, <duke at th.ai> wrote:

> youtu.be/-VdUEApUeIo unify slack namespace
> NDN in browser? eg via chrome extension?
> or custom browwer like beakerbrowser.com
> beaker handles DATproject.org signed data
> Billions of people use browsers, maybe
> browser to make non-techies experience NDN?
> possible hackathon? I could help via graphics,
> while reaching out to anyone interested, eg
> github.com/fractalide
> github.com/fractalide/fractal_net_ndn (stale)
> AGPL license
> th.ai/fractalide has some talking GIF
> Stewart Mackenzie and team are making
> NDN browers/dev environment maybe for
> ADA/cardano eth classic platform?
> quotes:
> > We're actually building a browser for this kind of Named Data Networking.
> > And you secure the data directly. Not the pipes!
> > A connected system, where you've got the data flow of this environment
> which then talks Named Data Networking.
> > Instead of using today's browser technology of using point to point
> communication systems, our browser operates over a broadcast networking
> protocol.
> > What does this unlock? Bitcoin allows you to have a bank in your back
> pocket. This technology allows you to have a Google or a Facebook in your
> back pocket.
> > We're starting up a cryptocurrency shortly. We're doing an ICO within
> the next 2 weeks.
> > This browser is also a development environment for the actual
> application that you're developing.
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