[Ndn-interest] How to automatically make nodes connected after computers restart

lxzhao at njnet.edu.cn lxzhao at njnet.edu.cn
Wed Nov 28 07:02:48 PST 2018


   Thank you for your reading!
   I am encountering some problems when using NFD and NLSR.
   I installed NFD on two computers respectively and each represents a
node. The problems are:

  (1)I modified the NLSR configure files of the two nodes to make the two
nodes connected to each other. But every time I run the applications,
the node named "router1" always reports that "Router's Identity
/ndn/edu/%C1.Router/router1 doesn't exit".

  (2)I have to make the two nodes actually conntected by using the command
"nfdc face create xxxx" again every time the computers restart. I wonder
whether the nodes can connected automatically after the computers
restart in certain ways, such as modifying the configuration files of
NFD and/or NLSR.

   Look forward to your reply. Thank you very much!

Best regards,
Lixia Zhao

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