[Ndn-interest] NDN protocol principles: no privacy?

Mark Stapp mjs at cisco.com
Sat Mar 12 06:58:09 PST 2016

I had many questions as I first read the list of "six principles" that 
Alex shared this week. One question was about the issue of privacy. I 
was somewhat surprised to see nothing in the top-six list about exposure 
of user activities on the internet, or about establishing a privacy 
baseline for the NDN architecture. Given the current level of intense 
and broad interest in the issues of passive observation and personal 
data collection, it seems to me that that topic deserves a statement of 
"principle". I'd like to suggest that there be an unambiguous statement 
that NDN will establish a level of communication privacy that uses 
state-of-the-art cryptography as the default.

I understand that some of the exposure and correlation issues we 
experience currently arise from existing application protocols. HTTP can 
be used for activity-tracking and correlating whether or not TLS is in 
use, for example. A statement of principle seems like a useful way to 
guide development of both NDN transport features and NDN applications.

At the same time, if NDN has decided that it will not establish a 
private-by-default baseline, I think that deserves some justification. 
It's clear from our experience using the IP internet that without 
default settings that are privacy-preserving, individuals will continue 
to be vulnerable.


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