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The new paper by the NDN team will be presented at the IoTDI conference in April.

  Title         : Named Data Networking of Things
  Authors       : Wentao Shang, Adeola Bannis, Teng Liang, Zhehao Wang, Yingdi Yu,
                  Alexander Afanasyev, Jeff Thompson, Jeff Burke, Beichuan Zhang, and
                  Lixia Zhang
  Conference    : The 1st IEEE International Conference on Internet-of-Things Design
                  and Implementation (IoTDI'2016, http://conferences.computer.org/IoTDI/)

  The Internet of Things (IoT) is a vision for interconnecting all of the world’s
  "things"—from vehicles to diet scales, smart homes and electrical grids—through a
  common set of networking technologies.  Realizing this vision using a host-to-host
  communication paradigm, such as that of the Internet Protocol (IP), is challenging
  in the context of highly heterogeneous, constrained devices that connect
  intermittently to one or more networks, often using multiple interfaces; communicate
  within various security regimes; and require both local and global communication
  capability. Using IP and similar protocols as the narrow waist of interoperability
  for IoT requires managing data exchange and security in terms that are largely
  orthogonal to application semantics, while simultaneously needing to minimize
  resource usage. This paper explores how Named Data Networking (NDN), a proposed
  future Internet architecture, addresses the root causes of these challenges and can
  help achieve the IoT vision in a more secure, straightforward, and
  innovation-friendly manner. NDN’s data-centric communication model aligns network
  and application semantics, enabling developers to work with “things” and their data
  directly, and for IoT networks to be deployed and configured easily. To substantiate
  the high-level discussion, we give examples of ongoing design and implementation
  work in IoT over NDN and compare the architecture to well-known existing protocols
  and frameworks. Finally, we discuss short- and long-term scenarios for employing NDN
  to enable the Internet of Things.

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