[Nfd-dev] Auto prefix propagation on multiple machines

Lee, Jongdeog jlee700 at illinois.edu
Tue Mar 14 15:48:57 PDT 2017

Dear all,

  Hi. I have a few questions about deploying a certificate on multiple machines.
  For your information, I followed Junxiao's two posts but still couldn't get through:
[1] 'Let the world reach your NFD', https://yoursunny.com/t/2016/nfd-prefix/
[2] 'Issue your own NDN certificates', https://yoursunny.com/t/2016/ndncert/

1. I have a valid certificate (/ndn/edu/illinois/jlee700) on machine A and want to use the same certificate on machine B. The same certificate is installed on machine B, which is dumped and copied from machine A. Then, I import the same key (export from machine A) to auto prefix keychain on machine B by using this command.
B $ sudo HOME=/var/lib/ndn/nfd -u ndn ndnsec import -p jlee700.ndnkey

  After restarting NFD, nfd commands make this error:
"Private key doesn't exist"

  What would be the wrong step here?

2. Instead of using the same certificate, I tried to issue my own NDN certificate (/ndn/edu/illinois/jlee700/apollo) signed by my trusted certificate. I could see the apollo certificate installed on machine B after following Junxiao's post. However, when the producer (ndnpingserver /ndn/edu/illinois/jlee700/apollo/test) runs on machine B, it starts to advertise /ndn/edu/illinois/jlee700 instead of /ndn/edu/illinois/jlee700/apollo. Why does this happen?

3. One of my machine does not have the 'nfd.log' file. Does anyone know how to generate the nfd log file?

Best wishes,
Jongdeog Lee (JD)

Ph.D. Student
Department of Computer Science
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
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