[Nfd-dev] NFD caching policy installation failure

Junxiao Shi shijunxiao at email.arizona.EDU
Thu Aug 4 20:23:43 PDT 2016

Hi Cong

It seems this repository is not NFD, but NFD submodule for ndnSIM.
ndnSIM mailing list has an answer on this:

Yours, Junxiao

On Thu, Aug 4, 2016 at 7:14 PM, Cong Wang <cwang1 at umass.edu> wrote:

> Hello,
> I’m trying to build the alternative NFD caching policies from this github
> webpage:
> https://github.com/ndncomm/nfd-caching-policies
> I’m able to do ./waf configure without errors, however, I got some errors
> while trying ./waf.
> I’m using Ubuntu 16.04. NDN is installed through NDN PPA repository on
> Ubuntu. The error log is below.
> Could someone please help me debug this issue? Or is there any
> instructions for compiling and installing the NFD caching policies?
> Thank you very much,
> Cong
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