[Nfd-dev] NFD caching policy installation failure

Ashlesh Gawande (agawande) agawande at memphis.edu
Thu Aug 4 20:03:14 PDT 2016

Looks like that repo has fallen behind ndn-cxx developments.

Either you can try to re-base on current NFD (https://github.com/named-data/NFD/).

(Or just see what changes it has in current NFD in nfdc.cpp and in any other file that complains during compilation and fix those).

Or use an older version of ndn-cxx which has the DontVerifySegment method in there.


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Subject: [Nfd-dev] NFD caching policy installation failure


I'm trying to build the alternative NFD caching policies from this github webpage:

I'm able to do ./waf configure without errors, however, I got some errors while trying ./waf.

I'm using Ubuntu 16.04. NDN is installed through NDN PPA repository on Ubuntu. The error log is below.

Could someone please help me debug this issue? Or is there any instructions for compiling and installing the NFD caching policies?

Thank you very much,

cong at cong-VirtualBox:~/work/nfd-caching-policies$ ./waf configure
Setting top to                           : /home/cong/work/nfd-caching-policies
Setting out to                           : /home/cong/work/nfd-caching-policies/build
Checking for 'g++' (C++ compiler)        : /usr/bin/g++
Checking supported CXXFLAGS              : -std=c++11
Checking supported CXXFLAGS              : -pedantic -Wall -O2 -g
Checking for program 'doxygen'           : /usr/bin/doxygen
Checking for program 'tar'               : /bin/tar
Checking for program 'sphinx-build'      : /usr/bin/sphinx-build
Checking for std::is_default_constructible : yes
Checking for std::is_move_constructible    : yes
Checking for override specifier            : yes
Checking for std::to_string                : yes
Checking for program 'bash'                : /bin/bash
Checking for program 'pkg-config'          : /usr/bin/pkg-config
Checking for 'libndn-cxx'                  : yes
Checking for librt library                 : yes
Checking for libresolv library             : yes
Checking if privilege drop/elevation is supported : yes
Checking for header ifaddrs.h                     : yes
Checking boost includes                           : 1.58.0
Checking boost libs                               : ok
Checking for boost linkage                        : ok
Checking if Unix sockets are supported            : yes
Checking for WebSocket includes                   : 0.5.1
Checking if Ethernet face support can be enabled  : yes
Checking for libpcap library                      : yes
Checking for function pcap_set_immediate_mode     : yes
'configure' finished successfully (30.114s)
cong at cong-VirtualBox:~/work/nfd-caching-policies$ ./waf
Waf: Entering directory `/home/cong/work/nfd-caching-policies/build'
[ 10/126] Compiling tools/ndn-autoconfig/base.cpp
[ 11/126] Compiling tools/nfdc.cpp
../tools/nfdc.cpp: In member function 'void nfdc::Nfdc::FaceIdFetcher::onCanonizeSuccess(const ndn::util::FaceUri&)':
../tools/nfdc.cpp:163:36: error: 'DontVerifySegment' is not a member of 'ndn::util'

Waf: Leaving directory `/home/cong/work/nfd-caching-policies/build'
Build failed
 -> task in '../bin/nfdc' failed (exit status 1):
{task 139981258738128: cxx nfdc.cpp -> nfdc.cpp.6.o}
['/usr/bin/g++', '-pedantic', '-Wall', '-O2', '-g', '-std=c++11', '-include', '/home/cong/work/nfd-caching-policies/build/core-objects.2', '-I/home/cong/work/nfd-caching-policies/build', '-I/home/cong/work/nfd-caching-policies', '-I/home/cong/work/nfd-caching-policies/build/core', '-I/home/cong/work/nfd-caching-policies/core', '-I/usr/include', '-I/usr/local/include', '-DNDEBUG', '-DHAVE_NDN_CXX=1', '../tools/nfdc.cpp', '-c', '-o', '/home/cong/work/nfd-caching-policies/build/tools/nfdc.cpp.6.o']
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