[Nfd-dev] NFD on OpenWRT

Mathias Gibbens gibmat at cs.ARIZONA.EDU
Fri Apr 10 09:28:51 PDT 2015

Hello Diego,

  I'm the author of the wiki page you referenced. What error(s) /
problem are you encountering when trying to cross-compile ndn-cxx and
NFD for OpenWrt?

  If you're just wondering about how to copy the resulting
libraries/binaries to your router, you need to copy the contents of
~/NFD-crosscompile to your router. The wiki page doesn't cover that,
since there are so many ways (USB drives, scp, package managers, etc).
Personally, I have a USB drive auto-mounted on my router that has
ndn-cxx and NFD on it from which I run the NDN software.

(please CC me, since I'm not subscribed to this list)

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> Date: Apr 10, 2015 8:27 AM
> Subject: [Nfd-dev] NFD on OpenWRT
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> Hello everyone,
> I am beginner in the list and if possible would like a help from you.
> I am now willing to install the NFD in OpenWRT. I followed the steps in
> accordance with the link(
> http://redmine.named-data.net/projects/ndn-embedded/wiki/Cross-compiling_NDN_projects_for_home_routers#DD-WRT-source-and-toolchain).
> From these steps it was possible to generate the cross compile the ndn-cxx,
> however I am having trouble copying the packages for OpenWRT.
> How do I copy and run the cross compile packages in OpenWRT?
> Could help me at this stage?
> Thank you.

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