[ndnSIM] Simulation stops from forwarder class:onOutgoingInterest()

sangita...... sangita.engg at gmail.com
Sat Sep 25 07:43:11 PDT 2021

Hi Members,
I am simulating a dynamic vehicular network inNdnsim.  My simulation stops
in between without giving any significant error messages.

By debugging the trace file, I have seen that* just after leaving* the
*from the forwarder class, it stops. THe last log I got:
ndn-cxx.nfd.Forwarder:onOutgoingInterest(): [DEBUG] onOutgoingInterest
out=(1,0) interest=/localhost/nfd/faces/events

Can any one help me to understand when such /localhost/nfd/faces/events
interest generates and does it make the simulation stop ?

With regards,

Sangita Dhara
Post Doctoral Fellow
Trinity College Dublin
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