[ndnSIM] Adding new field in Interest Packet.

Prajjwal Singh csb17053 at tezu.ac.in
Mon May 3 21:44:12 PDT 2021

Hello everybody,
I am trying to add a new field in interest packet and I want this field to
persist throughout the network for each interest, (i.e. if a consumer sets
this custom field to X in the interest packet, then it should be forwarded
by all the routers to the producer with the custom field as X)

Previously I had used this tutorial to add the field in interest packet:

Please point out what is lacking in this solution.

The main problem is that if i have the following topology
(Where A is the Consumer and D is the Producer, and B and C are routers)
Then by the solution given in the above link the custom field set in A's
generated Interest packet is reset to default value by B when it forwards
the interest to C.
How can I make it carry the value intended by A?

Thanking you in advance
Prajjwal Singh
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