[ndnSIM] How to change link type to ad hoc?

José Rodrigo dos Santos joserodrigo at gec.inatel.br
Wed Mar 10 11:29:21 PST 2021


My name is José Rodrigo. Nowadays, I am trying to set the ad-hoc link type without success on ndnSIM.

So far, I have tried unsuccessfully to do the following suggestions in https://www.lists.cs.ucla.edu/pipermail/ndnsim/2018-September/004961.html and modify the file nfd.conf.sample.in (mcast_ad_hoc yes) in https://www.lists.cs.ucla.edu/pipermail/ndnsim/2019-April/005303.html. After these failed attempts,

I tried to implement the example available in nfd.conf.sample.in on file ndn-l3-protocol.cpp, at the class L3Protocol::Impl (face_system). My code is highlighted below:

      "  general\n"
      "  {\n"
      "    enable_congestion_marking yes\n"
      "  }\n"
      "  tcp\n"
      "  {\n"
      "    listen yes\n"
      "    port 6363\n"
      "    enable_v4 yes\n"
      "    enable_v6 yes\n"
      "    local\n"
      "    {\n"
      "      whitelist\n"
      "      {\n"
      "        subnet\n"
      "        subnet ::1/128\n"
      "      }\n"
      "      blacklist\n"
      "      {\n"
      "      }\n"
      "    }\n"
      "  }\n"
      "  udp\n"
      "  {\n"
      "    mcast_ad_hoc yes\n"
      "  }\n"
      "  ether\n"
      "  {\n"
      "    mcast yes\n"
      "    mcast_group 01:00:5E:00:17:AA\n"
      "    mcast_ad_hoc yes\n"
      "  }\n"

How can I enable the link type ad hoc in the ndnSIM?
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