[ndnSIM] issuing interest for some limited number of prefixes and repeating them

SUBODH MISHRA 1911602 at iiitdmj.ac.in
Mon Jun 28 08:45:10 PDT 2021

Dear all
Hope you are doing well. As against ndnsimple.cpp example in which the name
of prefixes keeps on increasing in ascending order, I want to limit the
number of prefixes and want to repeat the same from the consumers. Please
help me getting the above perception

Thanks & Regards
Subodh Mishra

Research Scholar (Ph.D),
Department of Computer Science and Engineering,
PDPM-Indian Institute of Information Technology,
Design and Manufacturing, Jabalpur

Email: 1911602 [at] iiitdmj [dot] ac [dot] in ,
           subodhkmishra [at] gmail [dot] com
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