[ndnSIM] Error when Generating 3rd Consumer Justin Rodrigues

Justin Rodrigues justin99 at student.fdu.edu
Tue Jul 6 11:28:26 PDT 2021

Hello everyone,

I hope you are doing well. I am receiving this error when I am generating a third consumer in the mobility tree walk example.

[3596/3638] Linking build/src/ndnSIM/examples/ns3.30.1-mobility-tree-walk4-debug
Waf: Leaving directory `/home/justin/Downloads/ndn_sim_mobility/ndnsim/ns-3/build'
Build commands will be stored in build/compile_commands.json
'build' finished successfully (13.571s)
Could not load plugin 'show_last_packets.py': No module named 'kiwi.ui'
Could not load icon applets-screenshooter due to missing gnomedesktop Python module
assert failed. cond="!m_metadataSkipped", msg="Error: attempting to enable the packet metadata subsystem too late in the simulation, which is not allowed.
A common cause for this problem is to enable ASCII tracing after sending any packets.  One way to fix this problem is to call ns3::PacketMetadata::Enable () near the beginning of the program, before any packets are sent.", file=../src/network/model/packet-metadata.cc, line=61
terminate called without an active exception
Command ['/home/justin/Downloads/ndn_sim_mobility/ndnsim/ns-3/build/src/ndnSIM/examples/ns3.30.1-mobility-tree-walk4-debug', '--SimulatorImplementationType=ns3::VisualSimulatorImpl'] terminated with signal SIGIOT. Run it under a debugger to get more information (./waf --run <program> --command-template="gdb --args %s <args>").

Anyone know what could be the cause?


Justin Rodrigues
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