[ndnSIM] How to verify data's signature on consumer and router.

Alex Afanasyev aa at cs.fiu.edu
Sun Jul 4 07:48:45 PDT 2021

By default, the signatures that producer app is creating are fake, and it is up to your simulation scenario to determine which "fake" is considered good signature and which not.  You only need to set Signature  property when installing this Producer app on a node.

If you want to play with actual signatures, you would need to create an updated version of the producer app and use KeyChain to do actual signing.


> On Jul 4, 2021, at 6:00 AM, Cheng-Wei Lin via ndnSIM <ndnsim at lists.cs.ucla.edu> wrote:
> Dear all,
> I want to set an experiment with a producer which will always respond interest with data with fake signature, the consumer and router can verify those data's signature and return the result.
> I see there is an verification-helpers.hpp in security folder, but i don't know how to make it works on consumer and router. Can anyone guide me how to do it? Any help will be appreciated.
> My best regards.
> Cheng-Wei Lin
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