[ndnSIM] Interest loop problem in VNDN (v2v scenario)

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Mon Jan 11 00:54:57 PST 2021

Thanks, but will the DeadNonce list not prevent it? The PIT entry is
deleted but duplicate nonce could be found in DeadNonce list. Isn't it?

For my 2nd concern, I have made a scenario of 50 ad-hoc nodes moving in a
certain direction. I have added Ad-hoc netdevice transport as done in the
example (

Is that all to make an ad-hoc v2v scenario? or please guide me if I am
missing something?

Thank you

On Mon, Jan 11, 2021 at 5:43 PM DJEMAA Adel <a_djemaa at esi.dz> wrote:

> Hi,
> for your first concern, once the producer responds to an interest packet,
> it deletes the correspondent PIT entry. Consequently, if the same interest
> is received by this producer it will respond to it again (whatever from the
> CS or from the application), because there is no duplicate Interest
> detection in the PIT, since it has been deleted previously. So, even if the
> producer receives X interests with the same Name and Nounce, it will
> respond X time.
> Hope that helps.
> Le lun. 11 janv. 2021 à 08:41, Sonia via ndnSIM <ndnsim at lists.cs.ucla.edu>
> a écrit :
>> Hi,
>> I have two concerns.
>> 1: In my v2v scenario, the producer receives X number of the same
>> Interest packet via multipath communication. The producer replies X time
>> with Data. What I understand is that it should reply only 1 time
>> considering the duplicate PIT and DeadNonce list check in Incoming interest
>> pipeline.
>> 2: In my v2v ad-hoc scenario, the first 3 packets receive correctly.
>> however, Interest for the next chunk of data starts looping in the network.
>> This does not happen with contenstore enable. Only happens when I disable
>> the content store. Moreover, this Interest also receives hundred and
>> thousand of times to producer and each time the producer responds with data
>> which never reaches the consumer.
>> Thank you
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