[ndnSIM] Freshness value handling

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Thanks for replying Lixia, really appreciate it.

*1/ wonder why you are interested in carrying (x-y seconds) in the packet?
(Playing with cache management?)*

 The idea is to keep trake of the accurate remaining data lifetime.
So how would a node or a consumer knows if a packet is expired or became
stale without considering how much it stayed in the previous CS? How the
freshness period will be decreased over the caching and transmission time?
Is there any other indicator for that?


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> > Dear All,
> >
> > I just have a question regarding handling the freshness value of data
> packet when it is sent from one node to another.
> > i.e. when a data packet is cached in node A with freshness value ( ttl)
> of x seconds, then after y seconds the data is retrieved to be send to
> another node B. Will the freshness value stay x seconds or there is a
> process that it implemented within the ndnsim to change it to x-y seconds?
> ndnSIM follows NDN design.
> By design the whole data packet, including the freshness period, is signed
> by the original producer (cannot be changed by other parties).
> 1/ wonder why you are interested in carrying (x-y seconds) in the packet?
> (Playing with cache management?)
> 2/ to experiment, someone suggested earlier the idea of attaching such a
> value to the data packet (e.g. by NDNLP), I dont think ndnSIM itself does
> it.
> > If there is such a handling function that is already implemented can you
> please point it out for me?
> >
> > Kind Regards
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