[ndnSIM] docker-ndnsim

Fabrizio Margotta margotta.1966511 at studenti.uniroma1.it
Wed Dec 1 01:59:40 PST 2021


I would like to share with you my unofficial Docker implementation of 

The image can be found at https://hub.docker.com/r/emrevoid/ndnsim

Any contribution is welcome at https://github.com/fam4r/docker-ndnsim

Motivation: speed up your NDN simulations development without worrying 
about the installation of ndnSIM!

I personally used this project for my bachelor degree thesis and it 
worked like a charm!


- providing both "optimized" and "debug" compiled ndnSIM (v2.8+ only)
- Python 2 for old simulations support (v2.8+ only)
- pipenv installed for your custom Python (2 & 3) dependencies (v2.8+ only)
- R & renv installed for your custom R dependencies (v2.8+ only)
- docker-compose with custom volume support for your simulations
- visualizer dependencies installed

Next features:

- MPI support

Feel free to contribute with issues/PRs!


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