[ndnSIM] Custom Application is not triggering OnInterest callback

Mark Powers mppowers at wisc.edu
Thu Nov 12 18:06:07 PST 2020

Hi everyone,

I am trying to get a custom app to work. I have taken the code from the example on https://ndnsim.net/current/applications.html#custom-applications. My topology is 3 nodes in a line: with a consumer at one end, my custom app in the middle, and a producer at the other end. During debugging, I see that StartApplication is called for my app, but never the OnInterest callback. From the log, I see that the producer is receiving interests from the consumer. Is there a reason that they would not trigger the OnInterest callback while in transit? I am running the CustomApp example code from the examples directory of the repository and installed it into my own scenario described above.


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