[ndnSIM] QUESTIONS: How to add postfix to the output data packet and why the Cs-tracer doesn't work

林誠惟 bsotccccc at gmail.com
Tue Nov 3 01:01:28 PST 2020

Dear team,

I'm trying to implement a CPA scenario of the paper to research its
resistance mechanism, but I have encountered 2 problems as follow:

*1. *I want to separate the received data sent by different producers(in
this scenario only 2 producers), in ndn-producer.cpp file shows that I can
add postfix to the output data for adding producer-uniqueness, I have tried
many times but still can't make it.
Please teach me how/where and use what kind of format to add it.
I use (NS_LOG=ndn.Consumer:ndn.Producer ./waf --run=)function to run the
program, will it show the postfix which I add?

*2**. *I use cs-tracer as follow:
ndn::CsTracer::InstallAll("cs-trace.txt", Seconds(1));
ndn::L3RateTracer::InstallAll("rate-trace.txt", Seconds(1));


The cs-trace.txt has been built but without any content, and rate-trace.txt
works successfully.
Please help me with these problems.

Looking forward to your reply.

Sincerely yours,
Cheng-Wei Lin
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