[ndnSIM] Scalability of ndnSIM

Stéfani Pires stefanispires at gmail.com
Mon Jun 29 07:18:07 PDT 2020

Hello everyone,

I’m having some performance issues in a project using ndnSIM, and I am
investigating and having difficulty to understand the scalability of the
simulator, in particular of the application *ConsumerZipfMandelbrot*.

I’m running pure ndnSIM2.8 in a dedicated machine with the optimized mode
(./waf configure -d optimized). I also explicitly configured the priority
of the process with the linux ‘nice’ command, like this: nohup nice -20
../waf —run ’simple_test —simTime=100’ &.

I'm showing the results of a simple scenario, the one provided at the
website (ndn-simple.cpp, with 1 router, 1 producer), in which I modified
the type and number of consumers, CS size, and the simulation time
(simTime). Sending the base file as an attachment.

In the following tables, I present the execution time (in hours) of some of
the variations I tested. Those are not deterministic times, and they
naturally vary when executed again, but I believe they can illustrate my
question in this email.
> Is that the expected behavior in terms of increase of the execution time,
when the number of *consumersZipf* increases?
> Is my scenario configured correctly?

In my final project, I will need to configure even higher simulation times,
with more nodes/ConsumersZipf, but it is being prohibitive. I intend to
configure wireless links, instead of point-to-point.

_______simTime = 50.000 s ______
n  |  ConsumerCbr | ConsumerZipf
1  |      2.365 h         |      2.218 h
2  |      1.832 h         |      4.618 h
3  |      1.849 h         |      7.431 h
4  |      1.790 h         |      10.391 h

_______simTime = 100.000 s ______
n  |  ConsumerCbr | ConsumerZipf
1  |      9.960 h       |      9.751 h
2  |       7.448 h       |      20.007 h

Can anyone help me to understand this behavior? I really appreciate your

Best regards ,
Stéfani Pires
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