[ndnSIM] wifi simulation with access point

Muktadir R Chowdhury (mrchwdhr) mrchwdhr at memphis.edu
Fri Jun 26 07:56:19 PDT 2020

Hi Spyros,
Thanks for the reply. Why did it get abandoned? It should be very useful for wireless research. Can you please share the link (gerrit) of the patch?

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The FIB helper works only with wired (p2p) links if I recall correctly. It will not work with wireless links. I had pushed a patch for that on gerrit probably a couple of years ago, but it got abandoned a few weeks ago.


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On Jun 25, 2020, at 6:56 PM, Muktadir R Chowdhury (mrchwdhr) <mrchwdhr at memphis.edu<mailto:mrchwdhr at memphis.edu>> wrote:

I have three nodes: two stations and one access point. Which I created in the following way:

  NodeContainer wifiStaNodes;
  wifiStaNodes.Create (2);
  NodeContainer wifiApNode;
  wifiApNode.Create (1);

  YansWifiChannelHelper wifiChannel = YansWifiChannelHelper::Default ();
  wifiChannel.AddPropagationLoss ("ns3::RangePropagationLossModel", "MaxRange", DoubleValue(50));
  YansWifiPhyHelper phy = YansWifiPhyHelper::Default ();
  phy.SetChannel (wifiChannel.Create());

  WifiHelper wifi;
  wifi.SetRemoteStationManager("ns3::ConstantRateWifiManager", "DataMode",
  WifiMacHelper mac;

  Ssid ssid = Ssid ("ns-3-ssid");
  mac.SetType ("ns3::StaWifiMac", "Ssid", SsidValue (ssid), "ActiveProbing", BooleanValue (false));
  NetDeviceContainer staDevices = wifi.Install (phy, mac, wifiStaNodes);

  mac.SetType ("ns3::ApWifiMac", "Ssid", SsidValue (ssid));
  NetDeviceContainer apDevices = wifi.Install (phy, mac, wifiApNode);

Node 0 (Consumer) , Node 2 (Access Point), and Node 1 (Producer).

All the nodes' strategy is set to best-route for the used prefix. I am manually setting up the routes between stations and ap.

  Ptr<Node> conNode = wifiStaNodes.Get(0);
  Ptr<Node> prodNode = wifiStaNodes.Get(1);
  Ptr<Node> apNode = wifiApNode.Get(0);

  ndn::FibHelper::AddRoute(conNode, "/test/prefix", apNode, 1);
  ndn::FibHelper::AddRoute(prodNode, "/test/prefix", apNode, 1);

I am getting the following error in the FibHelper::AddRoute():

msg="Cannot add route: Node# 0 and Node# 2 are not connected", file=../src/ndnSIM/helper/ndn-fib-helper.cpp, line=156

This is because the NetDevice for Node# 0 is not found, which is checked in this line:

>From the log I can see that NetDeviceTransport is created for all the nodes. Can you any one please tell what I am missing here?


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