[ndnSIM] Using ndndump

Enkeleda Bardhi enkeleda.bardhi at studenti.unipd.it
Thu Jun 25 14:58:51 PDT 2020

Hi everyone,

I am new at ndnSIM and I am trying to understand a way to use ndndump tool.
I have made some research on finding a manual/tutorial in order to make use
of it, but unfortunately without success.  I am interested in figuring out
if there is a way to simulate a real traffic, therefore, having an NDN node
that communicates with other TCP/IP nodes . The NDN node is connected to a
gateway that translates from NDN protocol to IP protocol for the outgoing
traffic and viceversa for the incoming traffic. In this simple scenario, I
would be interested to dump the traffic.

Thanks everyone in advance,
Best regards,
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