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Waseeq Islam waseeq_islam at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 14 08:30:55 PST 2020

Asslam o Alaikum,Respected Sir,Hope you will be fine.Please guide me how to get the FIB,PIT and CS entries in output? Furthermore, how can i change FIB updating Policy.Thanks in anticipation.

Best Regards,WASEEQ

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Today's Topics:

  1. Can I create multiple PIT entries for one Interest? (?? ??)


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Subject: [ndnSIM] Can I create multiple PIT entries for one Interest?
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Hello Everyone,

I am thinking of fulfilling multiple file requests with one Interest 

For example, a node that receives an Interest that stores a name such as 
"/prefix/file_A/%FE%01/prefix/file_B/%FE%01" needs to create two PIT 

So I modified the forwarder class to split the name and create a PIT 
entry for the two names, but sometimes it works and sometimes doesn't.
(If it doesn't work, a PIT entry will be created without splitting the 

So there are some questions.
1. Which program in the onIncomingInterest method records the PIT entry?
(In my experience, it is recorded after calling onOutgoingInterest after 
confirming the cache hit.)

2. Normally, the onOutgoingInterest method is called indirectly within 
the onIncomingInterest method, but is it sometimes not called?

I'm sorry that the contents of the question are difficult to understand.
I am looking forward to your guidance and support.

Best Wishes,

Hiroya Okuma


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