[ndnSIM] How to use Pyviz visualizer

zhenliu0603 at 163.com zhenliu0603 at 163.com
Mon Aug 17 20:03:14 PDT 2020

Dear all,
Hello, everybody, I am new to ndnsim. I have a question about Pyviz visualizer. Could you help me?
I am a ubuntu18.04 user and now installing ndnsim according to the ndnsim website. When I use following command:
./waf configure --enable-examples
The PyViz visualizer line will be shown as follows:
PyViz visualizer: not enabled (Missing python modules: pygraphviz)
It seems that I didn't install pygraphviz but actually it has been installed.
Graphviz version 2.40.1 (20161225.0304) already isntalled and python version is 3.6.
Dose anybody know what is the course of this? Thanks in advance.


zhenliu0603 at 163.com
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