[ndnSIM] [EXT] Modifying trust schema/trust model in ndnSIM

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Dear All, 

Thank you for your prompt reply. 

I am interested in the trust schema/trust model aspect of the ndn security. 

Does the ndnSIM allows modification of the trust schema/trust model with the intention to either: 
(1) extend it or 
(2) integrate it with other existing schema/model or even perhaps 
(3) replace it with a customized schema/model ? 
If yes, I would be grateful if you could please direct me to resources and examples relating to the abovesaid topics. 

Thank you in advance. 


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Hi Meban 

Security is a really large area. From library point of view, it involves: 
* Crypto. 
* Signing and verification - trust schema, trust model. 
* Encryption, access control. 

>From network engineering point of view, all kinds attacks fall into security as well: 
* Cache poisoning. 
* Interest flooding. 
These are not considered "security" in most NDN libraries. 

What specific thing are you looking at? 

Please REPLY-ALL to the mailing list and do not reply to individual developers. 

Yours, Junxiao 

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Dear All, 

I am doing research on the security aspect of NDN. However, I am facing problems and will be grateful if anyone can clarify the following points. 

1. Is it possible to extend the security aspect of ndnSIM? 

2. Is it possible to disable the security aspect of ndnSIM and replace it with my own? 

If yes to either of the given questions, I would be grateful if you can provide me with links to such tutorials and examples for my reference. 

Thanks in advance. 


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