[ndnSIM] issues about running ndn stack over lr-wpan !!!!!

DJEMAA Adel a_djemaa at esi.dz
Wed May 22 05:31:48 PDT 2019

Hi, i am face to problem when i tried to run a very simple scenario (one
consumer send one interest to one productor and receive a data), where ndn
stack is installed over lr-wpan (802.15.4).
The problem is that the productor doesn't reply with data after receiving
the interest of the consumer (file of the scenario attached).
When i make some researches on this problem, i found the same one posted
two years ago, at this link
So I tried the solution proposed by Alex, but with no result.
I will be very grateful if any one give some issues concerning this problem.
Best regards.
Mr DJAMA Adel.
Ecole Nationale Superieure d'Informatique - Oued smar, Alger, Algérie.
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